Riots Near You

Riots near you

It is a black and white world, but only for the political, societal, and moronic parts of our world. The rest of our world belongs to the terrorists, military, and the rest of the nationalities, or races of color and ethnicity.

Two cases have made the news lately of police brutality, they may have merit, and they may not, it is hard to tell as the cases in question were in other parts of the country, lest we forget the questionable accounting we get from the different news stations. Besides, both cases are far removed from some of the places that riots have broken out, protest and marches were and are still being held; gives you that peaceful easy feeling, don’t it!

Let’s face the truth, we are not, as a society, a country that sits morally idle well, we love our drama. Throw in the police, the national guard, and a bunch people that fail to understand that violence is not the answer; then you will have the makings a fine news hour, that will go on for weeks. For whatever the reason, a good portion of society will jump on any slice of the drama pie that they possibly can. Well, with the exception of one, the Seattle case between a black prisoner and a black officer. No one will contest that case, there is not much meat in that case.

Call it appeasing violence, violence is great for the young that are filled with angst, with all the store windows and humans to batter with their skateboards. It’s great for the more anger filled of our society, violence is a good release of anger. Violence is good for the politicians and the conservative and liberal news media’s, keeps them talking and in their jobs. Violence is good for the economy, all those burnt up and damaged cars, all the broken window’s, and looting; from contractors to stock boys, people stay busy, and all that stolen stuff will someday be sold in someone’s garage/tag sale. Ah violence, isn’t violence beautiful, simply beautiful; just don’t know how this world got along without violence till now, tell ya, it’s better than sliced bread and glow sticks. (For the morons of this world, the above may be an exact fit, but for those that have really tuned into life; the above is not funny or to be taken literally.)

We live in a world where [old school] is too dusty for the masses, like the Constitution – get rid of it – it’s outdated, if so, why does society and the world put such a shine on violence, drama, pestilence, greed, control, and racism; this list of ugly is getting too long already. Quite honestly, with anyone over sixty, the drama of it all is highly overrated; not to mention everybody should be bored to tears with it all, enough so that they should be seeking some path in life that has more substance to fill their days with.

Yes Rodney, we should all be getting along by now, or so it would seem. With all the violence, drama, pestilence, greed, control, and racism; it is strange that God and the Bible are so hated, well maybe not. Maybe not, because, like the old song says, “teach your children well;” guess we taught them well alright, just too bad we didn’t teach them some civility.

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