Christmas and the Ethics of Life

Christmas and the Ethics of Life

Why is it, that when Christmas rolls around, humanity becomes more prevalent?
It’s as if save the world is so important, from animals to bringing all the troops home, stopping poverty to ending all wars, becoming one nation around the world; one nation around the world, don’t think I would like that for all the nation’s add color to life and in a more humble state of living would such be a gift.
But why for only one day in the year?
Go to the “reason for the season” take on the day, we humans changed it from Merry Christmas to happy holidays, all to spare the feelings of “others” regarding their religions, crosses taken down, nativity’s taken down; why?
Especially when we see something wrong in some department store while shopping for that special gift, a customer being treated badly or whatever, then some person strolls up and says: “Remember the Reason for the Season!”
Is it all, just a day?
Just one day, that we reflect halfway’s anyway on the Birth, leaving all the other 364 days to fall to more encompassing greedy manners; like hypocrisy never really matters.
Has it really become, what some call, “all pagan’s day” in this country?
Where we go out, buy all the decorations for the yard and outer walls of the house, get the choicest tree and all the perfect adornments for the inside of the house; all so we can compete, look good in the eyes of those around us, while watching sports, getting drunk and overeating ourselves into some sort of misery?
The Reason for the Season, what if God simply took 365 days off a year, went surfing, watched sports all day long, then drinking beer and eating way too much food?
Better yet, what if he was the first at the tree, complaining about the gift he was given, first at the table loading up the biggest plate of food, and then the first to pass out from too much drink or smoke?
Would you respect him then?
Would you feel sorry for him in such a state of being?
Probably wouldn’t matter much, because at that point; God would have been remade in our image…..

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