Paradise Between Dusk and Dawn

Paradise between Dusk and Dawn

All in a day I guess, can’t get around life at times, like taking some country back road home at the end of the day. Sometimes a person has to take life head on, even if those around ya just won’t leave anyone alone. By the end of the day, their voices sounding like jack hammers pounding away at your skull.
The quitting buzzer sounds, you take your time leaving, someone says, man don’t you want to get out a here – ya gotta get a move on. You just smile, watching the fools parade knowing they will be just ahead of you when you leave the parking lot. All you really want to do is make it home to dinner, a warm shower, and then bed, so let the eager fools run free ahead of you.
That’s my day, least ways today it was, but I am home, time to unwind before it’s time to turn in. All those in the parking lot starting line of the Sycamore 500, all those escapees to the nearest bar, they all have to face the wives and kids if their late, too bad.
Me, well Sweetheart, not that it matters because I always came home to you first, but you are in heaven, not to worry, these four walls with a roof, they are still home and home is where I wanna be even if it’s down here with you up there; ah I still feel you here.
Full belly, long warm bath, and thoughts of you, better night than some might be having, hear about it tomorrow I’m sure, right now though; it’s time for bed.
Goodnight Sweetheart, you know, I love you so very much, keep a heavenly light in the window for me; Goodnight…

What’s that thumping? What the heck is that thumping, bump – bump, bump – bump, what is that? Ah must be the wind, weather men, what do they know, the wind must have snuck in on them. Get back to sleep here.

Bump – bump, bump – bump. It’s okay Darlin, don’t worry about it, the sound you hear is love and life, that’s all. The beating of our hearts together, it’s a beautiful sound.

Sweetheart, is that you, are you here, is that really you?

Turn over Darlin.

It is you, oh Sweetheart, how, you know I have missed you, I have missed you a lot.

I know, I could feel it, I have kept every tear you shed. How, God has a big heart, he knows an honest and devoted love, he gave us this time together. I have been missing you too, so very much.

You know I write you every night before I turn in.

I know, the Angels bring me the letters just like you ask them to. Oh Darlin, you do love me, your letters give me such a warm feeling; and such a smile.

How is our companion, you have another one now too, isn’t he a good cat, hope they are getting along.

They both are doing fine, they run all over the yard, it’s fun to watch them play. They miss you too, we can’t wait for you to come home.

Home, that sounds so good, home. Better than here, life here has become so dysfunctional, it’s not the same as when you were here.

I know, I am so sorry you had to stay behind, but I am sure God knows the condition of earth.

The main thing to me, and it did turn my world upside down, but your cancer is gone, I wish I could have taken your pain away, but I couldn’t; God was the only one that could do that. Sure do miss you Sweetheart.

Ah Darlin, feels so good to be held by you.

A gift from heaven, so many times I have reached over to pull you near in the middle of the night, I miss being able to do that. You know I have a bunch of songs I listen to at night, This Kiss is one of them, plus some I-80 songs, the songs we listened to while on the road. But This Kiss, Morgan Hill farmer’s market, still remember that day, where we were standing, and your eyes when you told me the song reminded you of me.

It did remind me of you, so late in our lives to find a love from a man that wasn’t afraid to confront my demons, and then to never leave, my family wouldn’t do that.

Well Sweetheart, you were always more than the sum of your beauty and parts; and your kindness, everyone abused that, you didn’t need me doing that. Your still the most beautiful part of me, we lived a lot in our short time, but Sweetheart; it’s the beginning of our eternity together with our companions. God knew what he was doing, thank him daily.

It’s about time to go home, I don’t want to do that, but I have to as I don’t have but only a short time here; it was all to be with you, to feel our togetherness, and to let you know how much I love you.

I have thought of a time like this often through the last few years, the last few years sounds too long a time, but the thoughts always comes to the same conclusion as now; I don’t want you to go, just like when I held you the night you left for heaven, didn’t want you to leave then.

You will be okay, your life says that you were born strong, you will still feel me with you. Darlin, you believed in us, our togetherness, you didn’t leave us and nor will I. I love you more than anyone ever has or will.

Let me know when your home? Tell our fury companions that I love them, will you?

I will, miss you always, I love you Darlin, I love you eternally.

What a dream, now the alarm sounds, I wanted to go back to sleep; it was so real. Good morning Sweetheart, I love you.
Hmm, don’t know but I like the feeling, your side of the bed is disturbed in a good way, and yes, why not; a white feather by your pillow. Good morning Sweetheart, I do love you.

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