Why Not?

Why Not?

Before you prescribe a medicine, applying the fears of ill health; why not listen to understand your patient?
Before you dictate the law, imposed by politicians and out of reach lawmakers; why not listen to understand the lives of the working citizen?
People take advantage of their surroundings, that is true, and in so many ways. But, just as every doctor, lawyer, judge, fireman and policeman is human; so is the person before them.
In this day of across the board reckless abandon, job loss, restrictions brought on by moronic minds that jeopardize lives, substance abuse, the wasteland called the political arena; there is a shortage of true thought of the people that truly cherish their country and it’s freedoms. This country is fast becoming a one size fits all, non descript country of more and more maladies that scorn the law abiding public, the caring public, the sacrificing public; epidemic? The day may come, more so than today; it will be who can you trust for the truth?
The appendages of life have taken such a beating in the last several years, but looking a little closer, the first punch to the gut came a few decades ago; that is when the public severed a couple of life’s most needed appendages.
Look at life as a Starfish, crawling around the sea floor, happy and content. In the middle of the Starfish is the heart and soul of its life, the creature lives from that area of its being, it eats and I would imagine voids from the area; the creatures life, like humans, begins and ends in the heart and the soul.

On each arm that reaches out from life’s heart and soul, like the Starfish, are five names, one for each arm.
One: Happiness
Two: Faith
Three: Truth
Four: Love
Five: Freedom

Looking at Happiness: As being a part of our lives is at times difficult, always playing second fiddle to friends and family, income is too low to enjoy life due to job outsourcing, substance abuse, political abuse, greed, suppression.

Looking at Faith: The wrongly accused and so often shunned by society’s part of life. This country’s founding Fathers created this country and the freedoms that They Enjoyed on Faith. But in waltzes the liberalism movement, hiding Faith as to not offend anyone, Happy Holidays vs The Reason for the Season became a battlefield for life’s morons of hypocrisy when they just once ask God for help to see them through a bumpy time; or when they say their prayers at night.

Looking at Truth: Seldom truly heard today, from the janitor to the Oval Office, and everywhere in between. Sorry, I didn’t get your call till now, can you do me a solid? We are the only insurance company that can save you $400.00 a month! The war is winding down, we are bringing our troops home! One president even waved the peace sign, with both hands while claiming he didn’t lie, while he was in office; ever, really?

Looking at Love: A word of ill repute at times, a pacifier at times, a money maker at times; but on a societal level is love used for it truest intent? To love is to commit, it’s a blessing (believer or not,) it’s a beautiful unconditional gift of life; that may only come around once in a lifetime. When the liberalism movement really took to its wings, people touted the impudent slogan: Peace and Love, Not War, now days those same people support the Occupier movement and others like them that have ravaged both personal and private property; while the true believers of Peace and Love get silenced as they did in the days when the term was coined.

Looking at Freedom: What a word freedom. Nowadays freedom is Earned, in the days of the Revolutionary War that was the gateway to the life we shamelessly live today, freedom was Not earned, we did not ask for or appease the King and Queen to earn our freedom. We took freedom from their clutches, we fought and died for the freedoms that have been destroyed in the last few years or decades.

What cut the appendages off? A giant clever, with the words: greed, apathy, fear, complacency, blind ignorance, selfishness, godless belief in socety, self-indulgence, wrongful jealousy; all of which has fostered the Me Me Me world we live in today.
From the street level substance abuse to the abuse of power over the country, the common denominator, win or lose, has always been; People! People have lost more in this day in age than they care to know or even look at, freedom after freedom, they have been stripped away like boiled meat from the bone; all because the public in general believes in the falsehoods over the truth, and because the public in general in their haste cares little about the heart and soul of life.

Like the Starfish, once the arms have been severed, unable the gather its food, unable to defend its power to escape; the simple fact remains, it’s demise is imminent. It will take a long while for humans to be like the Starfish with severed arms, but are we not unlike the Starfish in view of how we respect the true meaning of life and living?
Or has humanity’s life’s arms been severed to the point that we are too numb to the thought of personal dignity; so much so, that we no longer care?

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