A Walk in the Fog

A Walk in the Fog

We took a long walk once, it was a combination Mind Walk and Romantic Interlude. The morning was socked in by an extremely dense Fog, knowing the surroundings well, the neighborhood, town, and surrounding hills were our home; we thought that we knew the area a lot better than we apparently did.
It’s strange, just how much of our surroundings, as well as our lives, that we take for granted; thinking we know our existence here on earth and all that surrounds us so well.
When we were done with our walk, we took a short drive around the town, making mental notes of everything we thought we knew, in particular the hills and the vistas, towers in the hills; notable landmarks and their locations while in the Fog.
The area that we lived in was near Santa Cruz, we lived on the other side of the hills, therefore we knew the Fog would not last forever; sooner or later we would be able to see more than twenty feet down the road.
After the Fog lifted we retraced our steps from the foggy morning, can’t say that we were wrong in our thoughts of what we knew about our surroundings; but I can’t really say that we were correct in our knowledge of our surroundings. Plainly, if we had the power to move things in our fingers as we pointed in the Fog, when the Fog lifted, our surroundings would not have looked quite as exact as before when the Fog came in.
The human experience is somewhat the same, but with the human experience, quite often the Fog is self induced; through whatever means. It’s not always through drugs and alcohol; sometimes the Fog is from self imposed ignorance that has never, or is never addressed, because we don’t give/take the time to understand the life around us and how We effect the lives of those around us.
There never was a Holocaust, God is not real, Jesus is a myth, chemtrails are a hoax; we have all heard those things, read them on the internet or in the newspapers. But the people that claim such things, they may be repeating what they have heard, not what they know. Societal beliefs aside, what about the more important parts of our lives? The ones we love, or more importantly, the ones that love us.
Arrogance, anger, neglect, those are part of the human Fog that people live with in their lives. Getting to know a person happens little in today’s world, looks or money is often what sets one person higher than another, in reality those things mean little. Anyone that believes they don’t matter, for one month be poor, don’t pay the power bill letting the power to be shut off; then see how many of your friends stick around. You will be rethinking your friends before the following month is over.
Closer to home, family, keeping them off this list would be wrong. Understanding that the human Fog is the worst kind of Fog, it never rolls out on its own, the human Fog has to be dealt with in a human manner; by understanding how we personally are short changing ourselves and those around us through our own ignorance of life.
Love comes around scarcely in life, has someone told you that they loved you today, and did you believe them? Why, was it a relative, an acquaintance? If you felt that they really do love you, and you feel that you have love for them, did you return the love? Or did you simply reply in the repeating of the word as to appease the situation? Or did you simply ignore their saying so and move on? Keeping in mind that if their love is an honest love, the ignoring, will eventually cause the love to not be in your presence; that is a hard life lesson to learn where the word love carries the minimalist of meanings, just another word to attain something.
That is the human Fog for you, a thief in the night. More relationships, be it family, friendships, spousal; they have fallen apart due to not investing in the loves truest of meanings of the word. But something needs to be addressed at this point in the conversation, love is not a word to be thrown around without due respect; so much resides in the true meaning of love.
In the more human part of our existence, the Fog creates even more havoc. At the workplace, employers and coworkers count on the alertness that you posses, if you can’t talk intelligently, carrying on the simplest of conversations without childish actions and anger; just how do you expect them to treat you when you fail at something? Be prepared, they are going to treat you like the child that you may very well be; no matter your age.
These day’s, in spite of what the poles say, or the talk shows state, the drug world has created a large portion of Fog induced people; some have ten to thirty years worth of drug abuses, from Marijuana to Meth, not to exclude the addictions to the many forms of alcohol. There are so many people out there in the world, from their twenties to their sixties and seventies that have never addressed the Fog that their lifestyles have made them live with; the worst part is, that they rarely look in the mirror blaming themselves while seeking the help that they need. Their lifestyles all boil down to a choice, that is the truth; they made a choice to abuse drugs and alcohol.
Having an intelligent conversation with those people is next to impossible, and if you have to confront them for anything, just know that you will never know who you will be talking to; the child or the adult. Most often the child because they have never really matured in life. At times it’s even worse, the beatings, murders and theft; what a Fog to live in.
With all the years of addictions of all kinds growing daily, it has to show the immaturity of our society that would legalize a drugs use when the drug (Pot) has such a close relationship with Recreational Drugs. But they did because it makes money, has anyone really taken the time to understand what it cost to start up a legit business, but legalize Pot and stores pop up all over the country? No one will question the thought, it’s the Fog, a societal Fog that allowed the business world to go from selling respectable goods to being the Pusher.
Society sees what it wants to see, it’s the Fog that they live in, win or lose, loss or given away; but to live in ignorance while staying blindly immature, well it still boils down to a choice being made – one way or the other.
Life is not like driving down some foggy road, where the head lights may not be guiding you very well in your journey; but what you know of life will help you. Experiencing life, minus the Fog a person sees and retains the lessons of life. The truly sad part of this story, is that a lot of people in the human landscape, they are in their sixties trying to fit into the more mature part of society. All the lessons of life the person has passed by, because of a fad empowered choice.
If someone takes the time to tell you that your living your life in an immature manner, it is more than likely time to examine your life.

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