The Letters

The Letters

What are these Mom? The little boy asked his mother after playing in the attic.
Oh son, where did you find these, I haven’t seen these for years. The mother replied.
The mother held a box on her lap, she sat there and smiled at the air in the room, while her son looked at her inquisitively. The box she was holding was nothing more than a cardboard box, four sides, a bottom and a top; on the top of the box was the word [Love]. Otherwise, the box was nothing more than a standard, run of the mill, cardboard box.
Mom, it’s just a box! The boy said.
Oh no Dear, this is more than just a box. This box has more life inside of it, well more life than you have ever known in your short years. Why the contents of this box, well, the contents of this box represents years of two people’s love for one another. The mother replied.
How can that be Mom, not a big box Mom! The boy said with a thought filled look.
The mother took a breath in while thinking about the boxes contents, and how she would answer her son’s question. She opened the lid for a peek inside, all she could do was smile calmly, then she shut the lid and looked at her son.
Do you want to hear a story about this box? How it came to be, and why I couldn’t get rid of the box? The mother asked her son.
The day was wet and cold outside, there was no playing outside with friends, that’s the reason why the boy was digging around in the attic in the first place.
Sure Mom, can I put some more wood on the fire before you start? The boy asks his mother.
Yes Son, you may, I will go make some hot cocoa, then we can get comfortable so I can tell you the oh so true story. Wish we had some fries though. The mother replied while in thought.
Fries, did you say fries Mom? The son asked.
Just a thought Sweetheart, just a thought, I will be back in a minute. The mother stated as she entered the kitchen.
The boys mother came into the living room, carrying the hot cocoa and sat down on the floor next to the box marked Love, her son came in from the wood pile with extra wood for the rest of the day and into the night; after setting the wood down he sat next to his mother sipping his needed hot chocolate.
Well Mom, fill me in on the box. The son stated in anticipation.
Okay! The mother said while taking a breath with a smile on her face.
It all started years ago, long before you were born, I was just a kid then. Life changed as it often does, but nowadays, the changes don’t really matter; changes can always work out if you keep a level head. Remember that Son, life is too short to fill it up with uncertain anger, well any anger at all. The mother stated, as a life lesson, while moving on with her story.
There was a man that fell in love with a woman, she was a beautiful Lady, the man wasn’t smitten with her as some had stated; from day one the man knew that the Lady was the one he would spend eternity with. Something inside his heart must have said to him, she’s the one, don’t let her go. The mother said, placing her hand on the box.
Do you believe that eternity stuff Mom? Kids at school, and people way older than me always say that heaven and eternity stuff is garbage. The son told his mother in a questionable manner.
I always silently thought there was truth in heaven and eternity, the same as in God; it’s one of those truths of life, you can’t write off what you don’t know. Don’t listen to the kids or even the adults at times, heaven, eternity, God; that is something that you work out in your heart by gathering your own useful information. Do you want to hear some more of the story? The mother asked her son.
Sure, let’s go! The son replied.
Well, the man was hard to get next to, he had been burned too many times by friends and even family members; so he didn’t share too much of himself. Oh, he was a giving man, helping others that needed it, but he was one of those people that just wouldn’t open up unless he really trusted you.
Even with the feeling the man had inside concerning the Lady, he still treated their time spent together as more of a probationary period. The mother said.
What is a pro…ba…tionary period? Are they the same as expelled or suspended? The son asked.
No, it is a trial period of time, a time given to see a person’s worth as a worker, or in this case, as a human being.
It took a little time, but the man started to open up, he even started to smile more; and, although he had always been creative, his creative ambitions became happier and more filled with life.
That was a gift the Lady brought the man, kind of a serenity in a way; his feelings began to be shared more and more with the Lady. The mother said while looking at the box.
What is serenity Mom? The boy inquired.
You know when you feel good, not when you get a good gift, but inside. No gift, you just feel comfortable and content with your day? The mother asked of the boy.
Yeah, I think I do, you just feel good for no real reason. The boy told his mother.
Well, that is a form of serenity, that good feeling is what the man felt about the Lady.
Soon it became uncommon to not see them together, if there was work to be done, traveling that needed to be done, then they would do it together. It wasn’t long before they were bound heart and soul, it was inevitable.
Well they had their ups and downs, their sad and good times, but they stuck it out. At one point in their lives together, they decided that their love was the most important part of them, a gift from God; they weren’t going to give it up no matter what. To them, their love is what made them who they were. Their love is what made the best of them grow, the strength and beauty that was inside of them; those around them might not have understood what they saw, how their love was changing them for the better. But, they knew, and that was all that mattered. The mother related.
So why wouldn’t the people around them see? The son asked.
Well, people live in their own world, especially these days. They see what they want to see, the rest of the time, it comes down to what they want in their lives only; if what they are seeing doesn’t fit their lives, people just won’t give what they see a seconds thought. The mother explained.
Kinda like those kids paintings at school, no one looks till it’s theirs that they see. The son said.
That’s right, the child points out their artwork, the parents look, then walks away never seeing the rest of the other pieces of art. There was all kinds of stuff on the man’s wall, and in the man’s final years, the hands of an old clock that were made into candlestick holders hung on the wall with a certain time, the candlesticks were straight up; the hands were set at the time. Obvious to anyone, should they look, if they had they might have understood the man better; the man knew and understood the meaning of love. The mother related.
No one looked, I would have looked. The son states.
I know you would have, but that is you and you’re more inquisitive than a lot of grown ups are. Why don’t you feed the fire, while I go get some more hot cocoa. The mother said with a smile.
Yeah, more marshmallows? The son requested.
We’ll see Son! The mother replied with a short jovial laugh. Thinking to herself that her Son was going to turn into a chocolate marshmallow, she walked into the kitchen with a motherly smile.
The mother went back to the living room and sat down, the son looked at his hot cocoa, not a single marshmallow, his despair took his smile away. Then the mother took out from behind her back what was left of the bag of tiny marshmallows, there was enough there to fill a cup with marshmallows.
Are you ready for the rest of the story? The mother asked her son.
Yes, I am. The son said while putting some marshmallows in the hot cocoa his mother had made him.
Well some years had passed, they both had built a lot of memories, the places they had seen, the road trips, family members seen and the people they met along the way; the companionship. Then one day, she became ill, the man took her to the doctor, it was cancer. They went from the doctors office back home, he waited on her, loved and held her, till the very end. The mother told her son.
The hands of the clock holding the candlesticks, that is the time isn’t it? The son asked his mother.
Yes they were Son, I had been in the home many times along with other people. No one ever said a word about the the hands on the wall, not even as picky as some people are; they never even said: gee those candlestick holders aren’t even hung straight. The mother told her son.
What did the man do then? The son asked his mother.
He lived, he didn’t hide away or anything, but there was no other woman in his life, he just wouldn’t have that, he made a promise and kept it; till the day that he passed away few years later. Always helpful to those that needed help, never asking for much, and the people in his life that were still alive; they got 100% of his honest love and his depth of honest understanding, wether they realized or deserved it or not. But everyday, a good deal of his love went to heaven, before he would step out of bed. The mother fondly told her son.
So what’s all in the box? Asked the son.
Well Son, all the letters that the man sent to heaven. Every night, the man wrote a letter to her, the man loved her, he was keeping a promise to her to never leave her; by the letters, he never did. The mother opened the box, book after book of love letters, and with some digging, the hands to the clock that were made into candlestick holders; that always hung at 5:01.
Here Son, these are the candlestick holders, I am sure the man wouldn’t mind if you hung them on your wall. The mother gave the hands of an old clock to her son.
Wow, thanks Mom, these are kool. Those are all letters, boy, that’s a lot of love, can I read them sometime? The son asked his mother.
Well Son, I will leave them out here, just take good care of them. The mother told her son.
Who was the man Mom, you never really said? The son asked.
Well Son, the man, he was your Grandfather. The mother told her son with a heartfelt shaky voice while clearing her throat.
Let’s go see if we can find a place to hang these, what do you say? The mother and her son stood to their feet, heading towards the sons bedroom.
Mom, can we hang them like Grandpa had them, 5:01? The boy asked along the way.
I think that would be nice Son, I think that would be nice…… The mother told her son, blowing a kiss to heaven.

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