In the Watching

In the Watching

In life, there will always be the, often, occasional time that we will simply have to stand still. The reasons for such times are numerous, traffic, bad weather, birth or death; it was one of those times that I watched the habitualality of life.
Being the caregiver to my father, I had taken the early morning hour to watch over him, to administer his medications and tend to his needs. Some time before his cancer had taken a hold of him, we had this conversation about rats. I had asked him if he was still having rat problems? He replied with, not since we cut down that palm tree out front!
Somehow, to me, cutting down a Palm tree just didn’t seem to be a likely cure to a rat problem.
His cancer had taken him to a place that he could no longer move, so someone had to be by his side throughout the day and night; for him and his wishes; it had to be me. I became very adapted to nodding off in the chair, sleeping very light unless someone relieved me. I also became very good at occupying my idle time, books, solitare; and watching out the window as the sun would raise every morning.
The bedroom had a window that went the whole length of one wall, outside was the fence that separated the property from his neighbors property. The fence was stark white, raising slightly with lattice work above the solid slats that made up the majority of the fence. Above that, was the top rail of the fence, upon every post sat, for ornamentation purposes, these large acorn post toppers.
Every morning as the sun would start to peek it’s way over the neighbors rooftop, illuminating the fence, I would see him; this rat that was not supposed to be there because that palm tree in the front yard had been cut down.
It was like clockwork, every morning, same exact time every day, there was this rat, scurrying along the top rail of the fence, up and over every one of the acorn post toppers; never skipping a beat.
That was years ago, today is totally different, in the watching of our world as well as our own lives; we can still see so very much. From the human experience to experiencing the world of nature, all the wrongs done to all the beauty that still surrounds us. But, our habitual takes on life, well, at times, our habitual takes on life rob us of the good that is very present in our lives.
Take a person that watches the news every day, gets up in the morning, turns on the news, goes to work dealing with all the office politics and union/nonunion attributes of work, goes home and watches the news again before today’s manner of entertainment. That poor person is bound to be grumpy, always self-feeding themselves an endless stream of drama and despair. The same can be said of those that indulge in the other abuses, like drugs and alcohol, and the intimate abuses of the more human kind, like anger, depression and sexual addictions.
Humans through the years, I am sure, have had to deal with all sorts of addictions and abusive tendencies in their lives; so today’s world is nothing new. The bad part of today, and it is bad, is that the human experience is now inundated with the abovementioned abuses, but with percentages of extremes so high it’s becoming more difficult to calculate even a remote chance of goodness being attained without an exorbitant price to be paid in the future.
Biblically speaking, what we are seeing just can’t be turned around, some people that have lost themselves in religion and church/evangelists teachings have numbed themselves to even trying to change the tide. Such thoughts, they are akin to the Jim Jones days, here drink this and be free. Well, God didnt give us a brain, heart and soul so that we could gather around and drink tainted juice; let alone sit around and watch the demise of humanity. Faith, and the Bible, says the we have the [choice] in turning the tide or not. Faith also allows us the opportunity to allow [hope] to enrich our lives in the goodness that is still attainable in our lives.
But in the watching and the putting forth the effort to try and understand humanity and the path that we are all on; it is not all that hard to see the path we are on is going to be very bumpy sooner than we might even think.
So why even try? Because we are human, we want better, it is in our DNA to want better, more freedom, more substance. But society, in their continued reaching out for something of redeemable value pertaining to life, when they pull their hands back, they are always empty. The empty hands are are a very viable indicator that society is constant in their reaching for more and more lacking values.
Today, it isn’t the case that if the tools aren’t working that we are using, we can just go to the hardware store to pick up stronger and better tools. We have to look inward, our hearts and souls have the answers, understanding what we are seeing, knowing the difference of/or between the values of life vs the values of man; then trying to attain the better values. For the nonbelievers, for your understanding, that is what the Bible teaches; how to seek and hold on to the good in life. Looking deeper into a godless society that has become so insanely habitual in their following of societal values, where the ugly side of the news has become the [norm], it is apparent that the understanding of life is not the priority.
Even the early morning rat had better priorities than those found in the human experience, his were for survival; ours, in the human experience, they are folly oriented with what looks like a never ending sea of drama.
Or is it, till we become the rat, or at the very least, it’s food for survival.

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